JFacebook Package Instructions and Videos

 Quick Instructions

  1. JFacebook - Distributable Client Library
    1. Get your FB App Settings from Facebook
      • AppId
      • Secret
      • Put them into the JFacebook - Distributable Client Library plugin
    2. Publish the Plugin

  2. JFacebook - Authentication and System Plugins
    1. For the Authentication Plugin: Publish it, and make it's order '0'.
    2. Publish the System Plugin

  3. JFacebook Login Module
    1. (Optional) There is a new Parameter in the Module:
    2. Only use if you want to build your own Facebook powered registration form. Check https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/registration/ for more details
    3. Now you can configure which permissions Viagra you want from your users: email, birthday, publish_stream, etc.

### The video is older but almost everything is the same. The ApiKey is now the AppID

Configure the new Registration Plugin View in Joomla

A simple guide to help you use a Facebook registration form in Joomla.

Only use this if you want grab extended information from the user, i.e. there own username, password, etc. Otherwise, just don't set the menu item in the JF Login Module

Happy Connecting!!!