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Welcome to the support Section. Before you submit a Support request ask yourself these questions!

Ask Yourself These Important Questions

  • Did I shut "shut off my other Facebook extensions"

    This is the number one reason for conflicts, and "Bad Things".
  • Are My "Domain" and "URL" settings correct in my Facebook App Settings?

    All to often an admin is working on a development site and these settings are actually wrong
  • Do I have any strange Javascript Errors in my Console

    Use Firebug or Chrome to inpect your page elements and click on Console. If you have JS errors, you NEED TO GET RID OF THEM.
  • Do I have error reporting on?

    This can help give Vital information to figuring out what the issue is with your set up
  • Have I read through the Support Articles?

    Very ofter we have already answered a Question to someone and made an article for you to use.

No Luck?

If after you have answered Yes to all of these you are still having problems go a head and Make a TICKET and we will help you out and get you "UP & Running!!!"

Want Us to Look?

To speed things up if you want us to have a look, please post a new set of "Super Admin" credentials in the support request that you can delete later.

Support Request Responses & Resolutions range from 1 - 3 days so be patient and give us as much info as you can.


JFacebook Post to Wall on Register

Here are some quick instructions of the use of the "Post to Wall on Register" plugin for JFacebook users.

The Plugin

  1. Install it
  2. Configure the above settings to what ever you like

The JF Login Module

This part is important. To be able to post any information to a user's Facebook page you have to have "PERMISSION". In this case that means the "Publish Stream" permission. That means you will need to ask the user at registration for that particular access.

In the JF Login Module configuration do the following:

  1. Check the 'Yes' option in the publish_stream permission parameter
  2. Also in the JF Login Module: Check the 'yes' option in the 'Use the custom permissions below' parameter

Facebook Logout buttons using JFacebook

How to alter the default.php file to display your own logout button in JFacebook 

More @: Custom Facebook Buttons using JFacebook

We generate the logout button with the following:

 <div class="fblogout"><?php echo JHTML::_('xfbml.logout', $ourparams); ?></div>

Which gives you:

Read more: Facebook Logout buttons using JFacebook

Conflicting Facebook Thingies

If you have other Facebook extensions already installed and published on your site you may want to unpublish them while you are installing and working with janty electronic cigarette JFacebook.

Everything you can do with these other piece meal extensions can be done with JFacebook.

Go to the next Page to have a look. 



How to: Likes on your Facebook Page from your Joomla Website

One of our customers recently asked: "How do I get the likes for my website to show up on the Facebook Page I have set up for my business?".

Wanting to know the answer to this question myself, but having little time to think about it (being buried in code and all), I re-examined notes and documentation, and came up with the wrong answer. The answer I put forth, was "A vote for one, isn't a vote for the other". A Like for your Joomla website, is not a vote for your Facebook Page. They are two separate and distinct objects on the Facebook Social Graph. 

While this is true, there is an obvious (now) solution. Put the url of your Facebook page in an href  in your Like XFBML, i.e.

 <fb:like href="" mce_href=""></fb:like>

Do that one your site, and VOILA! Likes from your webpage will show up on your Facebook Page. 

To prove it, just click the Like button to the right and go check out the MMI app page: 

 Good Luck all!


The Like Box: Your Joomla Site with Your Facebook Page

The Like Box: From Joomla to Facebook

<fb:like-box profile_id="124178060945777"></fb:like-box> 

So this is how we solicit "Like" from our site for our Facebook Page. At this point in time you can't publish "Likes" and "Comments" for your website to you Facebook page. A vote for one thing, is not a vote for something else and they are two different things. 

You can "Like" this article, because its a Object in the FB Social Graph, but that doesn't mean you like the Facebook Page that I use to promote my site.

Get it? 


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