JFacebook Features

  • 3 Login Module LayoutsYou can use justbutton.css, horizontal.css, and default.css (vertical) or You can make your own, just upload them to the /modules/mod_jfacebookloginmodule/css/ directory and select it in the module params!
  • Facebook Registration Form (Social Plugin, Details Here)
    Check out Registration Page Video Tutorial:
    The latest addition to the JFacebook package is a registration component with username checking! You can configure the package by Menu Item to ask for what ever information you want from the user, username, password, who makes their favorite Pizza! You name it.
  • Post to Wall on RegisterWe have included a plugin that allows you to configure a 'well formatted' comment that will be posted on your user's Facebook News Feed
  • All in One InstallerJFacebook for Joomla installs 6 separate extensions for you. When done, you just need to put in your Facebook APP details and publish the extensions and you can start registering users with Facebook today!
  • International Language SupportJFacebook for Joomla Looks for your native language and tries to load the appropriate script from Facebook.
  • Top Notch SupportIf for whatever reason you can't seem to get it to go, we'll help you get set up. We strive to respond effectively to each request as QUICKLY as possible, but we also have a nice self help section for you as well. There is also an Easy to Follow Video to help you get going...
  • Permissions: Choose them with a Click!That's right. With the JFacebook Login Module, you just choose what ever permission you want from your users, we've listed them all!
  • BONUS-Replace ALL your Joomla/Facebook ExtensionsThat's right. With JFacebook, the XFBML support is loaded on each page. That means you just drop the appropriate XFBML right into an article, custom module or template layout.
  • Develop Your Own ExtensionsJFacebook is built so you can build with it. To get access to the Facebook API in PHP just use
    $fb = & JFacebook::getInstance();
    and use that to get what you need from the Facebook API.