facebook joomla integration,facebook joomla integration
facebook joomla integration, facebook joomla integration

MMI did an incredible job with this product. It's very simple but really powerful when combined with your own code. I used JUMI for modular placement and manipulation, works great! I have connected with facebook comments, facebook profile-pic, facebook like and facebook recommendations. All work great!!! Nice job Cam.caldweca

This extension does everything promised. I am not an advanced coding person and Cameron took the time to help me get this working and even showed me how to use some added Facebook features which I didn't even realize I could us. Five Stars without hesitation. pmcnamara

I installed this package on our website and it took less than 10min. and that included the time it took to create a developers account on facebook. The documentation on the developer's website is thorough and I had absolutely no issues whatsoever. I am extremely pleased! Great job. webmand

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Register Users on Your Joomla Site with Facebook in 5 Minutes!

JFacebook Registration, Integration and Display

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